Take Command

Take Command Build 21 17.00

Command line power and GUI ease of use


  • Adds a GUI to Windows command tool
  • Eliminates the need to know commands


  • Doesn't extend functions far enough

Not bad

Using Windows Command tool is still a very basic experience. It's one of the few aspects that has never really been revamped by Microsoft. Take Command is an enhanced command tool which supports all the same commands available in the original but many more. These include, command line editing, aliases for frequently used commands, new and enhanced commands, batch file programming enhancements, third-party plugins, and much more, Most importantly however, it's presented in a fully graphical GUI that you expect from Windows.

This means it features a graphical environment like pull-down menus, dialogs, application controls, and cut and paste support. This makes life so much easier than having to know all the commands which most basic PC users don't. You can simply use your mouse to execute commands in the way you do with any other Windows application.

This is a brilliant enhancement to Windows command tool that should be standard in Windows.

Take Command offers a new approach to working in Windows, that brings users the "best of both worlds". It is a powerful command line utility - fully integrated into the Windows graphical environment.

Most Windows graphical applications offer limited command-line capability at best, and most command-line utilities aren't designed for a graphical environment such as Windows. Those limitations force users to move back and forth between graphical utilities and the character-mode command line. By combining our advanced command-line technology with the look and feel of Windows, Take Command makes Windows easier & more productive.

Take Command


Take Command Build 21 17.00

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